The Artah Holiday Gift Guide

The Artah Holiday Gift Guide

Get them the gift they'll actually love, no matter what they're into. 


1. OXO Good Grips Mandoline - £13 

Perfect for anyone who loves a finely chopped salad or crispy-thin potatoes, a Mandoline is a kitchen essential. Be warned, these little machines have an incredibly sharp blade so we recommend making sure you've got a protective, cut-resistant glove - preferably a chainmail one.

2. Spruce Steamer - £25

Our favourite new cookware brand on the market (if you're anything like us you've definitely been served their ads on Instagram). Our Place has an amazingly chic and user friendly range of pots, pans and utensils, but we're especially smitten with their Spruce Steamer - it is one of the healthiest ways to cook and produces perfectly cooked dumplings, vegetables and fish. We recommend buying it alongside their Always Pan (it fits perfectly, obviously) if you want to splurge a little more. 

3. Cuisinart Immersion Blender - £100

One of the most ergonomic and versatile pieces of kitchen equipment around, an immersion blender will do most of the jobs you really can't face (a) doing by hand or (b) dirtying another piece of equipment for. What do we mean by this you ask? Blending a soup directly in the pot rather than transferring it to a blender, whipping oat cream, blending smoothies or pureeing veg.


1. A Bed Of Nails - £70

This gift is much nicer than it sounds - trust us. The concept of a bed of nails has been used in healing and meditation practices for centuries, and has finally made a comeback in mainstream wellness. Touted to offer a whole range of benefits including relieving stress, improving sleep, reducing cellulite, easing back and neck pains, and releasing endorphins - it's no wonder it's high on our list!

2. Mela Weighted Blanket - £140

A blanket that hugs you back - the Mela Weighted Blanket is one of our favourite wellbeing products to hit the market. Known for having a myriad of positive effects in the management or reduction of sleep disorders, nervous disorders, anxiety and general stress - to name a few - the blanket is guaranteed to give even the most restless a great night's sleep. 

3. Joov Red Light - £410 

Ok, this one's a splurge but it's worth it. Small and portable, the Joov is a winter wellness essential, designed to optimise cellular function, and improve overall health and wellness through red light therapy. Ideal if you are an early bird but still struggle with waking up in the pitch black, need a little help with mood and energy throughout the winter months, or have localised muscular or joint pain that needs a little extra TLC.


1. Boy Smells LES Candle - £36

Overtaking Diptyque in our candle hall of fame, we love the Boy Smells range - LES in particular. It has a long, slow burn (roughly 50 hours) which is essential when gifting a candle, and makes every room feel super cosy. Floral but not overly sweet, it works all year round and in every room of the house.

2. Artah Deep Sleep - £32

She's an absolute knockout. Deep Sleep should be everyone's holiday essential - it's perfect for managing stress, calming nerves, and indispensable for recovering after a long day of travel (or a long day of relatives). Reputed to be more effective than Xanax (and without the next-day drowsiness) Deep Sleep should be taken half an hour before bed for a great nights sleep or can also be taken throughout the day to steady your nerves and improve your mood. Like we said, essential over the holidays. 


1. Free People Trail Crew Socks - £24

Cosy, retro, and super cute, these socks are a great stocking filler and are ideal for winter sports, cold Christmas Day walks, or (most likely) curling up by the fire. 

2. Bala Home Bundle - £108

Give the gift of toned arms/legs/buns - whatever works to be honest. This set by Bala includes their famous (or infamous depending on how much you like the burn) wearable weights and a 10lb power ring - the perfect travel-friendly fitness set so that you can work out anywhere, everywhere, anytime. 

3. Tory Sport Fleece Quilted Jacket - £285

If you ask us, Tory Sport can do no wrong. Their latest collection is highly coveted by every member of Artah HQ - especially this very in-vogue Fleece Quilted Jacket. It also happens to be very close to our brand pink which means we love it even more. Perfect for literally anyone, this gift is a bit of a splurge but 100% worth it. 

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