Metabolic Fix 


Contains Berberine

Supports blood sugar

Combats cravings

Improves energy

94% report cravings reduction in 1 week

Enhances metabolism

Designed to support metabolism, stabilise blood sugar and enhance energy production on a cellular level. This formula contains Berberine, clinically proven to improve blood sugar control and metabolic health, and other metabolic heroes like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Inositol and Chromium. It also features L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract and Cinnamon to help boost energy and keep you balanced - and free of cravings - all day long.

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Why you need it now
— Supports healthy blood sugar levels
— Improves insulin sensitivity
— Combats cravings
— Helps regulate energy production + metabolism
— Helps with weight management
— Supports blood sugar in PCOS
— Supports metabolism in perimenopause + menopause
Why you need it later
Keeping our blood sugar stable is one of the most impactful things we can do for our longterm health and well-being. It's not just about cravings - erratic blood sugar can cause mood swings, fatigue, poor immunity, headaches, hormone issues, increased stress, inflammation and a disruption in our microbiome. Over time, when our blood sugar control is poor, our risk of chronic illness increases. Metabolic Fix provides natural, but powerful, metabolic support to help you stabilise blood sugar, energy, and mood so you can stay balanced now and in the future.
How to use it
Take 2 capsules in the morning with food. Alternatively, take 1 with breakfast and 1 with lunch.

Precautions: If you have any medical conditions or are taking prescription medication, please see contraindications in our FAQ's
What's inside
Cinnamon Bark Extract, Fenugreek Seed Extract, L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, Myo-Inositol, Cortex Phellodendron Chinensis (Berberine), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium Picolinate.

*Alpha Lipoic Acid + Chromium maintain normal blood glucose concentration. Chromium supports healthy metabolism of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Cinnamon improves energy and digestion.


Our membership has been created to take the guesswork out of nutrition and help you stay inspired, supported and on track.

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"I was recommended Metabolic Fix by a friend who works in the health & beauty business. I have a serious relationship issue with sugar where I crave it so badly (blaming my ‘low blood sugar’ making it a ‘need’ more than a want), then I over indulge until I feel sick. I have never been able to get these cravings under control which, in turn, has kept me tired, lacking energy and contributed to me being overweight for most of my adult life (I’m 49 years old).

These magical supplements have completely changed my feelings about food; I no longer crave sugar, I no longer get shaky hungry between meals, I have more energy, I get fuller quicker. I’ve slowly and genuinely lost weight, my bloating has gone and my skin is glowing. They work, they quite simply just work."

— Nicole, UK.

Tried + TESTED

In January 2024, we recruited 112 participants to take part in a consumer trial with our best-selling blood sugar hero, Metabolic Fix. We wanted to get feedback on their experience of the product, and we’re so excited to share the results.



94% reported a reduction in sweet cravings after just one week.


87% reported an improvement in appetite regulation after one week


93% reported an improvement in overall energy, with 75% specifically calling out an improvement in the ‘mid-afternoon slump’


Who should take Metabolic Fix?

Anyone who is looking to support blood sugar, energy, cravings and metabolism. Metabolic Fix contains minerals and herbs that have been clinically proven to support healthy blood sugar levels and metabolism, and feel more balanced throughout the day.

When will I notice a difference?

It's common to start feeling improvements in energy balance, appetite and cravings within the first two weeks. Other changes, like metabolism or weight loss, may take longer to experience. Consistency is key and we recommend taking this for three months to feel the full effects.

Does it contain caffeine from the green tea?

Our green tea extract contains trace amounts of caffeine, about 2mg per serving, however for most this is too low to have a stimulating effect. We standardise our extracts to their health-promoting Polyphenol and ECGC content to ensure you're getting the most beneficial compounds in every single dose.

Can I take Metabolic Fix if I am diabetic?

No. Individuals with type 1 diabetes, insulin-dependant diabetics, or who are taking blood sugar lowering medications should avoid Metabolic Fix.


Metabolic Fix

Ingredients: Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Extract (Maltodextrin), Fenugreek Seed Extract, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Green Tea Extract, Myo-Inositol, Cortex Phellodendron Chinensis Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium Picolinate, Stoneground Brown Rice Flour (Gluten Free), Natural Rice Concentrate (NuFlow), Natural Rice Extract (NuMag), Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose).


Instructions: Take 2 capsules per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.


Precautions: If taking medications, pregnant, breastfeeding or health condition present, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product. Do not use if safety seal is broken. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Food supplements should not replace a balanced diet.


Allergen Free. Suitable for vegans, halal and kosher.

Nutritional information2 capsules provide% NRV
Cinnamon Bark Extract (30:1)600mg*
Fenugreek Seed Extract (4:1)300mg*

Green Tea Extract 1:1 (Standardised to 185mg polyphenols

+ 90mg EGCG)

Alpha Lipoic Acid100mg*
Chromium Picolinate 100mcg250%

NRV = Nutrient Reference Value 

* NRV not established