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Essential Omegas

Anti-inflammatory cardiovascular + hormone SUPPORT

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Product Description

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the function of every cell in our bodies – from hormone health + brain function to cardiovascular benefits + anti-inflammatory benefits. Our high dose marine omega is sustainability sourced from small wild fish + certified Friend of the Sea.

Why you need it now
— Promotes healthy hormone levels
— Anti-inflammatory
— Supports inflammatory skin conditions such as ezcema + psoriasis
— Supports mood, focus + cognitive health
Why you need it later
Omega 3 fatty acids help maintain longterm cardiovascular, metabolic + cognitive health. They play a key role in regulating inflammation + the prevention of chonic disease.
How to use it
Take 2 soft gels per day with food.
What's inside
Concentrated Omega 3 Fatty Acids* (From Sustainably Sourced Wild Anchovies), Mixed Tocopherols.

*In compliance with the standard Friend of the Sea