Cellular Hydration 

Energy, Recovery + Deep hydration

An electrolyte powder blended with botanical powerhouses, Cellular Hydration is great for energy, focus, mood + more. Complete with high dose Peruvian maca + inulin, this sugar + sweetener free formula also fuels the microbiome, hydrates the skin + helps your body adapt to stress.

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Why you need it now
— Replenishes electrolytes
— Improves recovery
— Promotes physical + mental energy
— Supports athletic performance
— Supports mineral balance in low carbohydrate diets
Why you need it later
Magnesium is essntial for nervous sytem function, the production of neurotransmitter, cognitive health, + has been shown to decrease risk of many chronic illnesses, including diabetes, CVD and Alzheimer's. Lifestyle factors can deplete magnesium and potassium, including exercise, medications, chronic stress, as well as sugar, coffee + alcohol intake. Replenishing electrolytes can help aid athletic performance + recovery, + is key for energy production and a healthy nervous system.
How to take it: Take 7.5g/1.5 tsp with water before, during, or after your workout. Alternatively, take inbetween meals as an energy pick-me-up. For best flavour, use in cold water.

Pairs well with: Enhanced Nootropics, Metabolic Fix, Deep Detox.

Avoid: Cellular Hydration can be paired with any supplement in the Artah collection.

Contraindications: This product contains the prebiotic fibre Inuilin, therefore individuals who have SIBO or severe FODMAP intolerance may not tolerate it well.
What's inside
Malic Acid, Inulin, Peruvian Maca Root (Standardised Extract), Magnesium citrate, Tri potassium citrate, Calcium citrate 4 hydrate, Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Citric Acid, Natural Lemon Flavour, Natural Orange Flavour, Himalayan Sea Salt.


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Customer Reviews
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United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing for energy

I bought this for working out but now use it everyday for energy and mood. A little sour but the taste grows on you and now I love it, and nice that it does have artificial sweeteners. Great product!

RIchard B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great taste and brilliant for energy.

This is great product. I absolutely love it.

A Artah  Customer
Melinda M.
United States United States

Tastes great and helps me drink enough water every day!

This has become a quick favorite. I always add it to my water on days when it's usually hard for me to stay hydrated.

RIchard B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing for energy

Tastes great and is phenomenal for energy. Highly recommend.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great taste and brilliant for energy.

This product is great for energy and focus in addition to sports. I was surprised with how much of a difference I felt not only with recovery but also mood and general energy. Great product.

What the SCIENCE says

— Supports athletic performance + recovery
— High-dose, bioavailable magnesium supports muscular endurance + energy production
— Supports nervous system function + combats mental fatigue, pain, irritability + improves mood
— Prebiotic fibre utilised as fuel by microbiome to promote beneficial bacteria growth + energy production
— Possesses neuroprotective, immunomodulatory, antioxidant + anti-inflammatory activity

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