Natural Body Brush


Increase circulation

Reduce inflammation

Exfoliate the skin

Stimulate lymphatic system

Designed to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and exfoliate the skin, the ARTAH Body Brush is an easy-to-use tool to incorporate into your daily routine. Daily dry brushing should be performed on dry skin and only takes around 5 minutes; it is an efficient and effective way to improve skin tone, metabolise waste, discourage fluid retention and help ease the appearance of cellulite.
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Why you need it now
We always recommend using a skin brush on our retreats and at home programmes because it’s such an effective and enjoyable way to help re-energise, stimulate detoxification and, satisfyingly, de-puff.
How to use it
Use before bathing or showering, on dry skin. Brush skin towards your torso in short strokes, using medium to firm pressure. Once arms and legs are complete, use circular motions to brush your torso. Please note, if you have eczema, psoriasis, or any open wounds on the skin, please avoid brushing over these areas

Remove debris after every use. Wash bristles with warm soapy water, rinse and then let air dry. Take care not to immerse the wooden brush in the water.
What's inside
FSC Certified Beech Wood, Natural Agave Cactus Bristles, Natural Cotton Strap Handle
Plastic-Free + Recyclable Packaging


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The lymphatic system is a critical part of the immune system and helps rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. Unlike the cardiovascular system, it doesn’t have a pump, so it relies on movement and changes in pressure to transport lymph around the body. Dry body brushing stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps eliminate toxins, sheds dead cells and increases circulation to the skin, making it a quick and effective way to improve skin tone, metabolise waste, discourage fluid retention and help ease the appearance of cellulite. It's a ritual that is super easy to incorporate into your morning routine and will make all the difference when practised regularly!

HOW to use —

Complete 3-5 minutes of dry body brushing before your morning shower. Use swift, firm strokes towards the lymph centres, as follows:


Start at the soles of your feet and work upwards on your calves, thighs and buttocks, always brushing in the direction of your heart (so upwards on legs). This means you are moving in the natural direction of your lymph system. Pay special attention to backs of thighs or areas where you have cellulite.


Before moving onto your upper body, brush your hands and arms, again moving the brush towards your heart.


Brush your neck and back, as much as you can reach, and end on your stomach and chest – using clockwise sweeps to follow the direction of your digestive system.


Adjust the pressure of the brush to the different parts of your body so it comfortable. It should be stimulating enough to increase circulation but not painful. You should see a rosy flush to the areas you have brushed – this is an increase in blood flow to the area. Avoid brushing over broken skin.

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