Energy Fix

STIMULATE metabolism + combat cravings

This synergistic blend is designed for those looking for some serious metabolic control. Whether you’re trying to banish cravings, combat stress, or maintain a demanding on-the-go lifestyle, this formula is the ultimate tonic. Combining adrenal support + circulatory stimulants with botanicals, Energy Fix specifically targets cravings, energy + blood sugar control.

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Why you need it now
– Reduces cravings
– Promotes energy
– Improves circulation
Why you need it later
How to use it: Take 3 mls in the morning with water, tea or neat. Alternatively, spread the dosage throughout the day as needed.

Pairs well with: Metabolic Fix, Enhanced Nootropics.

Avoid: Energy Fix can be taken with any supplement in the Artah collection.

Precautions: If you have any medical conditions or are taking prescription medication, please see contraindications in our FAQ's.
What's inside
Organic Bladderwort, Organic Gymnema, Organic Siberian Ginseng, Organic Cayenne, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Fenugreek, Ethanol.


Our membership has been created to take the guesswork out of nutrition and help you stay inspired, supported and on track.

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What the SCIENCE says

– Supports optimal transport of blood glucose + glycaemic control
– Contains phytochemicals with appetite-suppressing properties
– Capsaicin shown to improve performance + reduce fatigue
– Multiple elements contain anti-diabetic + hypoglycaemic effects

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