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Essential GLA

Menstrual + hormone SUPPORT

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Product Description

Borage oil has long been hailed for its healing properties. From skin issues + hormonal breakouts to PMS + menopause, this rich source of GLA is one of our go-to’s for supporting women’s health.

Why you need it now
— Helps maintains healthy estrogen levels
— Can improve symptoms of perimenopause + menopause
— Combats symptoms of PMS
— Can reduce skin inflammation associated with ezcema + psoriasis
Why you need it later
GLA is essential for maintaining hormonal health + is particaularly supportive with PMS + menopausal symptoms. It is also positively associated with a reduction in symptoms from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, ezcema + psoriasis, making it helpful for the long term management of these conditions.
How to use it
Take 1 soft gels per day with food. For additional PMS support, take 2 soft gel per day with food for 5 days leading up to the onset of menstruation.
What's inside
Borage Oil 20% GLA, Vitamin E.