Essential D3/K2 Essential D3/K2 Essential D3/K2

Essential D3/K2

Immune health + hormone support

Product Description

Vitamin D3 is essential for the health + function of your cells. It’s vital for immunity, hormone balance + protects against cancer + chronic illness. Recommended to every adult from the months of October to March by the NHS, Vitamin D absorption is enhanced by Vitamin K2 + is currently thought to have a protective benefit against Covid-19.

Why you need it now
— Strengthens + enhances the immune system
— Optimises mood + hormone health 
— Supports gut health
— Promotes healthy sleep
Why you need it later
Research has shown that Vitamin D is essential for maintaining many essential aspects of health, including immunity, hormone balance + mood. It is an essential hormone involved in chronic disease prevention and is is protective against Diabetes, CVD, auto-immune diseases + cancer. Recently, is has also been shown to critical to the gut - it helps maintan a healthy microbiome, increases microbial diversity, + promotes healthy G.I. Function.
How to use it
Take 1 capsule in the morning or evening with food.
What's inside
Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 MK7.