Nutrition for Fertility + Pregnancy

Evidence based, up-to-date guidelines to help you thrive

This guide provides evidence-based guidelines and nutritional requirements to support you at every stage of your fertility journey. It takes you through the most important nutrition principles for a healthy pregnancy, core nutrients to support foetal development, how to manage metabolism in pregnancy, natural approaches to common pregnancy complaints and more. It also features over 50 easy, delicious recipes from the ARTAH kitchen. This is a digital product - a download link will be available upon purchase.

This is a digital product. You can access your e-book in your purchase confirmation email. Simply follow the 'download programme' link and you're ready to go. If you have any issues, please reach out to our team who will be happy to assist you:
— 50+ nutritionist-designed recipes from the ARTAH kitchen
— A detailed breakdown of the macro-nutrients you need to know, and full guidance on where to find them (and what to avoid)
— Eating for the microbiome
— Provides up to date, evidence based guidelines to optimise maternal health and foetal development
— Learn how to optimise blood sugar during pregnancy
— Clear guidance on what to eat and why
— Understand the different needs of plant based diets and how to get the nutrients you need
— Gain confidence that your nutrition choices are supporting optimal pre-conception health and pregnancy


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Recipe Highlights

Nutrition for Fertility + Pregnancy contains over 50 recipes from the ARTAH kitchen, to help you navigate what can be an exciting but confusing time, and provide you with some of the most important, evidence-based guidelines and nutritional requirements to support your fertility.




Asian Style Buddha Bowl with Enoki Mushrooms + Sesame

Jerk chicken with cabbage slaw + a creamy coconut dressing

Turkey + Courgette Lasagne with Cauliflower Béchamel


What is covered in the guide?  

Pre-natal and pregnancy nutrition can be confusing, so we created this guide to remove the guesswork and give you up to date, evidence-based guidelines to help you feel confident in what to eat and why. We cover blood sugar management in pregnancy, gut health, essential nutrients and where to get them, protein
requirements, vegetarian considerations during pregnancy, exercise guidelines, herbal remedies for common pregnancy complaints, and the important of oxidative stress in fertility. We also provide over 50 of our favourite nutrient dense recipes to support your reproductive health.  

Is this a diet plan?  

This e-book provides pre-natal and pregnancy nutrient needs and nutrition guidance to help optimise fertility, maternal health and foetal development.  

Does it provide calorie recommendations?  

We cover how caloric requirements change throughout the trimesters, healthy weight gain in pregnancy, and the risks associated with both inadequate and excess weight gain. As calorie requirements vary drastically between individuals due to height, muscle mass, level of activity and more we don’t recommend exact calorie counts for each trimester.   

Will these guidelines help with morning sickness?  

There is no guaranteed cure for morning sickness, however following the nutritional guidelines will help you do what you can to limit nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. It will also teach you about natural, herbal and supplemental approaches to combatting morning sickness, reflux, constipation, and more.


Catherine Hayden is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Chief Commercial Officer of Kate Farms, the #1 medically-recommended organic infant formula in the USA. Here's what she had to say about Nutrition for Fertility.


"Rhian's new guide Nutrition for Fertility + Pregnancy is comprehensive, yet simple enough to put into practice, and recognizes real life challenges and how to best manage them (hello, first trimester nausea!). Rhian beautifully educates on the “why” and importance of nutrition during this life stage, which brings so much more meaning to each carefully developed recipe. Can we also talk about how many recipe options there are?! And all accompanied with stunning photos. As a Registered Dietitian, and mother of two, I’m so excited to see this resource available to women – a truly helpful guide and source of support wherever you are on your fertility journey."

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