Susan's Transformation: Her Thoughts On The Metabolic Reset

Susan's Transformation: Her Thoughts On The Metabolic Reset

Our founder's mother recently did the Metabolic Reset Nutrition Programme and gave feedback on her incredible results.

From inch loss and improved energy to a reduction in arthritic pain and sinus complaints, Susan's results are pretty amazing. 

Meet Susan, 72 years young:

Why did you do the Metabolic Reset?

Over the course of the pandemic, I gained about 25 pounds, and even though I exercise and eat healthily I haven't been able to shift it. I was also experiencing far more arthritic pain in my knees and neck, sinus issues and I seemed to always be hungry, no matter what I ate! My daughter suggested that I try this programme to help balance blood sugar and help with my metabolism, so after many hours of convincing I finally decided to give it a go. 

What were your results? 

During the programme I lost an inch off my waist and about 10 pounds. I've kept following a lot of the guidelines (I eat their Core and Core+ foods now) and 3 months later I've lost 4 inches around my waist and 21 pounds in total. Equally as important for me is that my arthritis pain has significantly improved. My neck and knee pain were on the verge of being debilitating, so I am delighted about this!

Wow, that's amazing. Did you see any other symptoms improve? 

My sinuses cleared up within the first 2 weeks. I did reintroduce lattes after the programme was over and my sinuses filled up immediately, which was very interesting. Now, I avoid regular use of cow's milk and only have it on occasion, for example if it's in a dessert (but when I have it, I notice it!).

How did you feel early on in the programme?

My energy improved immediately, and I felt good the whole time. It took me a while to get into a new style of cooking and I was nervous that I would be hungry, but I felt full from day 1, which was a nice change from always feeling hungry. 

How did you feel towards the end of the programme? 

Fantastic! I was quite shocked at how quickly I lost weight, of course because of my age but also, I was never hungry, and my portions were still substantial. A pleasant surprise!  

Did you modify the programme at all?

Yes, I was nervous about fasting so Rhian suggested I only do 2 of the intermittent fasts instead of all of them, Looking back they were easier than I expected so if I do it again, I will try to do a few more!

What were your main takeaways from the programme?

I was most surprised that my regular diet was having such a negative effect on my blood sugar, which I didn't even realise at the time. I was always starving within an hour of eating breakfast, even though my breakfast was big! But making changes to what I eat and when has made a huge impact. I am also shocked at how much my pain has reduced, but I am also taking supplements which I'm sure have been helping. I got the Deep Detox, Metabolic Fix and Cellular Hydration, which has been very helpful for drinking more water. Also, I love all of the food! I live in a small town so can't always get all of the ingredients but it's fairly easy to modify and everything is just delicious. It's been amazing to feel how much food can impact my body, I am a convert! 

This article is for educational purposes only and the implementation of the theories and practices discussed is at the sole discretion of the individual. All advice given is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns about your health, you should speak with your physician. 

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