Which Nutrition Plan Is Best For You?

Which Nutrition Plan Is Best For You?

January brings fresh energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

But after weeks of celebration and indulgence, sometimes our energy doesn’t match our intention, so it’s important that the food we kick off the year with is delivering exactly what we need to thrive. It’s the perfect time to focus on nutrition, and our programmes are designed to inspire you in the kitchen and deliver the outcomes you’re looking for. Here’s our guide to picking the programme that’s best for you.  

The Metabolic Reset

Our new kid on the block, this plan is hot off the press and perfect for anyone looking to get off the blood sugar rollercoaster and improve energy. 

Do this if you want to: 

Understand how to effectively manage blood sugar for better energy, mood and body composition.  

What you'll learn:

  • How to understand and get on top of cravings, appetite, and satiety

  • The foundations of blood sugar, and how it affects mood, energy and overall health

  • How to build a routine using CORE and CORE+ foods to supercharge your metabolism and fuel the microbiome

  • How to periodically use ketogenic principles to enhance your health

What it includes:

  • A detailed 21-day meal plan

  • Over 90 recipes so you can personalise your plan and have a resource of delicious, health-forward meals to incorporate into your routine once you’re finished

  • Guidelines on how to move throughout the programme

  • Lifestyle tips and practices that will enhance your results

The Details:

  • Difficulty: easy-medium

  • Meals: most flexible

  • Recipes: 50/50 plant based + omnivore

  • Free from: gluten, dairy, sugar

  • Themes: blood, sugar, keto, omnivore, balance, metabolic flexibility

  • Recipe bank: yes

  • Supplement pack: option to add on



The 28-Day Reset

Our original best-seller, this plan is perfect for anyone looking for a more comprehensive, cleansing plan that will help you calm the gut, reduce dietary stress and restore the nervous system.  

Do this if you want to: 

Improve digestion and benefit from committing to a more intensive, month-long cleansing programme.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to take a more integrated approach to well-being, using nutrition and restorative practices

  • The difference between periodic and prolonged fasting, and how they affect your health

  • Restorative, holistic practices that will enhance your health

  • How to identify possible food intolerances and sensitivities

What it includes:

  • A comprehensive guide to the three-phase plan

  • Sample menus to accompany each phase

  • 120+ delicious health-forward recipes to use during the programme and beyond

  • A symptom tracker to help you monitor progress and changes

The Details:

  • Difficulty: medium-challenging

  • Meals: flexible

  • Recipes: 80/20 plant-based + omnivore

  • Free from: gluten, dairy, sugar, red meat

  • Themes: cleansing, digestive health, restorative, anti-inflammatory, modified fasting

  • Recipe bank: yes

  • Supplement pack: option to add on

The 5-Day Cleanse

Our shortest plan, this cleanse follows a fasting-mimicking protocol for cellular renewal and longevity. This cleanse includes yoga, fitness, and sound healing recordings to accompany your programme.  

Do this if you want to: 

Completely reset with an immersive, holistic detox that includes food, fitness and energising self-care practices.  

What you’ll learn:  

  • How to activate the genes involved in longevity and cellular repair

  • The principles and benefits of the ‘fasting mimicking’ method

  • How to create your own, at-home detoxifying experience

What’s included: 

  • Meal plan with accompanying recipes

  • Options for 2 different levels of cleansing dependent on experience and goals

  • 4 x Dynamic yoga sessions

  • 1 x Deep release yin session

  • 1 x Sound healing recording

  • 1 x Detoxifying Breathwork Session

  • Daily LISS movement schedule

The Details:

  • Difficulty: challenging, but rewarding

  • Meals: Most prescriptive

  • Recipes: 100% plant-based

  • Free from: gluten, dairy, sugar, meat, fish

  • Themes: detox, yoga, fasting-mimicking diet, plant-based, restorative

  • Recipe bank: No, this plan only includes the recipes needed for the programme

  • Supplement pack: option to add on, highly recommended


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