Leading A Mindful Life With Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia

Leading A Mindful Life With Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia

Meet Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia: Founder, creator, and conscious-living advocate.

Recently, we connected with the lovely Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia, founder of the British sustainable and ethical fashion brand, Beaumont Organic. Hannah lives by the philosophy that conscious living and conscious consumerism are inseparable; if we want to lead a mindful and holistic life then we must also be aware of the effects our purchases are having on the world and people around us. Read on to learn more from our conversation with Hannah. 

What is Beaumont Organic and why did you start it?

Beaumont Organic is a contemporary-conscious clothing brand I founded in 2008 with a vision to pave the way for fashion to have a more sustainable future by offering sustainable clothing to the modern woman.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Beaumont Organic. Why is conscious consumerism so important to the brand?

The brand has been built on the foundations of conscious consumerism. I believe my mission in life is to educate people on how to shop. If we all made considered purchases, cared for said products, and re-sold them should we eventually want to, then we could combat so many of the issues in the industry. It is really the only way. We all have to buy less and we have to buy good quality things that will stand the test of time for us and beyond.

How do you weave conscious and mindful living into your everyday life?

A morning routine is key. Start your day well and you are set for the rest of it. Mine starts with hot water, lemon and ACV whilst practising yoga, followed by meditation and a 5-minute journaling session. I then take all my vitamins and supplements. I strongly believe a healthy mind and body are the starting point to living a conscious and mindful life. If you want to feel good you need to eat well, exercise, hydrate, be in a clean and happy environment, and make considered purchases - it all counts.

What is your favourite part about your job?

I love seeing the pieces we have designed come to life, especially the prototypes – it’s just amazing what our factories do in Portugal. I also love the social side of my job – being able to connect with so many like-minded people globally is so amazing and being part of their journey.

Running your own company you must have incredibly busy days. How do you stay centred and healthy with your hectic schedule?

I am super committed to my morning ritual – even on busy days and with travel. I also support my body with vitamins and supplements. Gut health is a big one for me so anything that can help my gut is always a winner – I love Artah's G.I. Fix too – we all need a good probiotic.

How are you welcoming in the winter season?

With lots of hibernation! I took up knitting in lockdown and I'm enjoying lighting the candles and knitting with Lola (my poodle) at my feet. It’s a really mindful activity and I love doing things with my hands.

Do you have any tips for staying balanced during the holiday season?

My advice is to try and stick to your routine as best you can, exercise, take  your supplements, and try your best not to overdo it with food and booze every day! I know it’s tempting but it's important to allow your body time to recover.

Do you have anything exciting you’d like to share about Beaumont Organic that will be happening in the New Year?

We have a really exciting start to the year with our SS23 launch which was shot in the Algarve, where I have been holidaying since my teens and where I met my now husband. The collection is so stunning I just can't wait to share it and start thinking and planning summer outfits!


Visit Beaumont Organic.

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