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Deep Sleep

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Product Description

This formula has a soothing, sedative effect designed to help you switch off + sleep through - without the next day drowsiness. Deep Sleep uses botanicals proven to improve sleep quality as well as support anxiety, stress + mood, so you can feel the benefits far beyond your bedtime.

Why you need it now
— Helps with difficulty falling + staying asleep
— Natural sedative + anxiolytic
— Calming + mood enhancing effects
— Supportive for Jet lag
Why you need it later
Sleep is one of the most important facotrs that contirbutes to both short + long-term health. Deep Sleep can support the resotration of healthy sleep cycles without the side effects that often accompany pharmaceutical sleep aids.
How to use it
Take 3mls with water, as a tea or neat, up to 30 minutes before bed. To support anxiety, take 1ml up to 3 times per day when needed.
What's inside
Organic Passionflower, Organic Valerian, Organic Blue Skullcap, Ethanol.