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WIN a year's supply of supplements

Our nutrition principles

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You’re sweet enough

Our menus are free from added sugar and designed to help keep insulin levels in check, promote healthy blood sugar levels and foster long term health. Dysregulated insulin is one of the biggest causes of chronic disease and is intrinsically linked to the food we eat, which is why we focus on elevating complex flavours rather than relying on simple sugars.


Functional foods

Antioxidants, bioactive plant compounds & cruciferous veggies are a core part of our plans. They are the powerhouses of nutrition and enhance your biological processes - from immunity and detoxification to energy production and gene expression, these functional foods are a staple in all our menus.


Mostly plants

Our meal plans are full of whole foods and super fresh. We use seasonal ingredients to optimise nutritional value and help you eat more intuitively, and our menus are high in plants - really high. Why? Because diets high in whole, plant-based foods will fuel your health and help prevent chronic disease. We operate on a 70/30 plant to omnivore split, but we also have a fully plant-based menu to follow if that’s your preference. If you’re not quite ready to embrace the plant life – don’t worry. We also give you options to add extra protein



Our microbiome is linked to virtually every aspect of our health, from mood and immunity to weight and hormone balance. Our menus work hard to promote microbial health by including lots of prebiotics, wild fermented foods, and resistant starches that enhance it, and avoiding the foods & chemicals that damage it.



Fibre is the unsung hero of nutrition, and most of us don’t get enough. Here’s the thing - the guidelines for fibre say that adults should be getting upwards of 30g per day, but the typical western diet gets less than half of this. Why does it matter? Fibre helps us feel full, improves the metabolism, slows digestion, combats chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes, and is essential for the health of the microbiome and immune system.  So, we're on a quest to be full of it.



We’re focused on nutrient density - not calorie density. Why? Because all calories are not created equal. Instead, we’re passionate about helping you cultivate a positive relationship with food and helping you see that how you’re fuelling you’re your body is more impactful than counting calories. That said, we know it can be helpful as a guide, so the calorie counts for our meals are still there if you want them.



Gluten and dairy are some of the most common food sensitivities and have been linked to a variety of inflammatory, digestive and skin related symptoms. So, our menus operate on a GF/DF basis to lighten the allergenic load, promote energy and help you diversify what you're eating. 


Zero waste

We've all been there. Despite our best efforts, we’ve all reached the end of the week with bags of unused greens in the fridge, just too floppy to use. Throwing out fresh food is the worst, so we’ve designed our meal plans to encourage a zero-waste mentality, which means you can get more creative with ingredients, leftovers, and won’t be stuck with a ton of unused produce at the end of the week.

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