Out Of This World: Meet Ramona Sidlo

Out Of This World: Meet Ramona Sidlo

Meet Ramona Sidlo: astrologer, energy healer, meditation teacher, mindfulness expert, and self-adoration advocate. 

Our practitioner-in-residence this month, Ramona's journey to where she is now is nothing short of remarkable. Formerly on the Global Marketing team at Spotify HQ in New York, Ramona now lives in Hawaii and spends her days helping others discover their potential and reconnect with themselves through the astrology chart. A breath of fresh air, Ramona approaches life with a perspective that is truly out of this world. Read on to learn more. 

Ramona will be leading our monthly forum on Tuesday 23rd August at 6.30 pm over Zoom. Book your spot now.

For those that don’t know, what is astrology and how does it influence humans and the natural world?

Astrology is an intuitive tool that provides data points for self-discovery. Points that deeply connect us to who we are, how we operate, and where we perhaps are going. Some might say it is the oldest form of therapy. Astrology is a language that can help us navigate every season of our lives. Providing a basic understanding of our talents, abilities, and strengths. A place for inspiration on where to grow, reframe and shift.

The astrology chart is our energy field - our guide for this life. The Natal astrology chart is authentic to the individual as it is based on the time, place, and location of birth - that never changes. The transit charts represent what the planetary energies are doing at this moment. They provide insights for guiding us towards a more balanced way of life. Astrology is also an extremely fun way to approach life, and a tool we can use to navigate the challenges of life.

How did you get started with your work in astrology?

I started seeing an astrologer in my late 20s (about 15 years ago). I have most of my life been a bit of a seeker. Astrology then and now has just been the language that resonated with me the most. Unlike other things that I never quite understood, astrology was easy to process and digest. It’s kind of always been in my life.

5 years ago I was living what I thought was my dream life; I was working on the global marketing team at Spotify, travelling the world building brand experiences, living in La and NYC, and engaged to be married. I was also absolutely miserable.

I woke up every day sad, mad, hopeless, and depressed. I knew I had to make a change but I had no clue how I was going to get unstuck. I had been in Hawaii on vacation to see one of my healers, and it was through one of my sessions that I decided I was either going to move to Hawaii or get a new job, whichever opportunity came up first. Turns out, it was both. Within a few months, I had a job and an apartment waiting for me in Hawaii.

Prior to moving, I had been treated by Dr. Ruey Ryburn in Honolulu, who had consistently invited me to come to her school. Historically, I hadn't been ready to make that commitment to myself. Plus, as a New Yorker, it was always New York or nowhere. 

A month after I moved to Hawaii, I signed up to Ruey’s Sacred Path Healing School. I had not attended any kind of orientation and blindly said yes to 3 years without much information. Risky? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. At the time, I had no idea it would change the whole trajectory of my life. In our second year of school, we began to study Astrology and I understood it within the first few weeks. It was like I could interpret and see the chart in this deep spiritual way that just made sense (it actually says in my astrology chart that I will speak with 'spiritual elegance'). I just followed that and kept exploring it. After finishing my 3 years at SPHS I continued to study astrology with my long-time astrologer, Patrice Kamins. Under Patrice’s guidance, I began my astrology mentorship and now career.

How have you found astrology to be a helpful tool in your day-to-day life?

It is literally my road dog! I don’t go anywhere without it - I literally keep all charts on my phone. I feel like without it, I would be lost. Now that I know how to read the chart, I look at it almost every day. I use the chart for journal prompts, to help describe my needs, and as a reference for things to take to my therapist. I use the chart to understand where there may be a more intense energy that week and to check on my crushes! Every time my friend has a baby I pull the chart to give them tips on their new babe! I follow the cycles of the moon for moments of refreshing and releasing.

Can you briefly describe what our sun, moon, and rising signs can say about us?

The Sun sign is where we shine; who we are. The Moon sign is our emotions; how we express ourselves. The rising sign is our personality; our true self. These points, in my opinion, are the most accessible points to start exploring the chart.

You believe that astrology can be used as a form of healing. How so?

By definition, healing means to become healthy again. Astrology has brought me back to life and healed me in ways I never thought possible. I see it in so many of my clients too. The exploration of self-discovery through my chart has been a key factor in finding myself again. The chart taught me how to be authentic, keep it real, human. My healing journey - like that of so many others - is about looking inwards, and the chart has been the deepest way for me to do that. It gave me a spiritual foundation for filling my life with joy, love, and happiness. It gave me freedom.

How does your approach to astrology differ from others in your field?

As a trained energy healer my sessions are a hybrid of an astrology reading and energy healing. I start each session by doing a chakra reading. This helps me see what is going on energetically as well as in the chart. Often times the two are connected. By the end of each session, the chakras are in full alignment again. I also recently started doing a 3 card angel pull from a beautiful deck called Angel Blessings. I believe angels are with us all the time and the cards provide more inspiration for self-love and self-regulation.

What do you hope your clients come away with after participating in an astrological reading with you?

To love themselves a bit deeper before the session started!

How can astrology help us to reach a better version of ourselves?

The chart lays out the groundwork for self-discovery. Although the planets are moving all the time the chart is a constant. It supports us with its deep insights, data points, and holds crucial information for opening our hearts and letting love enter. My teacher Patrice once said to me “Ramona, be in alignment with the energy of the chart or get ready to feel that friction.” That stuck with me. By following the energy of the chart and letting it be the guide to explore our true authentic selves we can finally experience inner peace, love, and freedom. All 3, please!



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