Moody and Hungry? You May Be Missing This.

Moody and Hungry? You May Be Missing This.

It’s one of the most common nutrient deficiencies globally and practically impossible to reverse naturally once we hit the winter months, so why are so many of us still missing out? With a breadth of benefits for nearly everyone, this critical pro-hormone deserves more love. 

The National Diet and Nutrition Survey in Britain revealed that only 8% of adults regularly take Vitamin D supplements during the autumn and winter months, even though it’s recommended for all adults (1). With a breadth of benefits for nearly everyone, this amazing pro-hormone deserves some more love. Whether you’re looking for the full-body effect of Vitamin D or interested in how Vitamin D and sexual health are connected (think libido, fertility and vaginal health), there are more than enough reasons to make it a key part of your winter regime. But, as we’re learning, the benefits of Vitamin D3 are endless, and our status can especially affect mood and appetite as we shift from summer to winter. Here are the quickfire facts you need to know.  

Hunger and Appetite

How we experience hunger is influenced by several factors, but if your Vitamin D status is suboptimal, it will be an uphill battle. Here’s why: 

- Vitamin D3 can improve insulin resistance (2).  

- Vitamin D3 influences serotonin levels, which in turn help regulate appetite and cravings. Studies have shown that individuals who supplement with Vitamin D3 experience reduced hunger and increased satiety (3). 

- It has an inverse relationship with cortisol; higher Vitamin D3 levels can help reduce excess cortisol (4).


Vitamin D receptors (VDR) are found virtually everywhere in the body, and the brain is no exception. The prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, hypothalamus and more all have them, and these regions all play a role in the pathophysiology of mood regulation. Here’s why it’s important: 

- Vitamin D3 has neuroprotective and neurotrophic properties that influence many parts of the brain that are involved in mood, anxiety and depression (5).  

- It’s important for sleep quality; low vitamin D levels increase the risk of sleep difficulties, including shorter sleep duration, increased nocturnal awakenings and delayed sleep onset (6).  

- Adequate Vitamin D3 levels are essential for the thyroid to function properly, which has a multitude of effects in the body including metabolism, mood, sleep and more. 

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This article is for educational purposes only and the implementation of the theories and practices discussed is at the sole discretion of the individual. All information given is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns about your health, you should speak with your physician.



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