Rhian Recommends: Top London Healthy Eateries

Rhian Recommends: Top London Healthy Eateries

Our Founder dishes up her favourite spots for delicious food that doesn’t compromise on health or taste.

Detox Kitchen - https://detoxkitchen.co.uk/

One of my go to lunch spots in London – the Detox Kitchen has a delicious selection of freshly made salads which you can choose alongside a main/protein. The flavours and sauces they use keep plant based eating interesting and delicious – think sweet potato with a spicy tahini dressing and cauliflower rice with cashew pesto. They offer a delivery service which is ideal for when I'm super busy or trying to give myself a bit of a reset.

The delivery service is also an amazing way of prepping your body pre retreat and a great way to maintain healthy habits after you leave. It means you reap the benefits of our programmes for the duration of your stay with us and see better results a lot more quickly.

(The Detox Kitchen have offered the ARTAH family a 15% discount on all delivery services - use code ARTAH15 at checkout! )

Wild Food Cafe - https://wildfoodcafe.com/

The Wild Food Cafe is an absolute gem, a vegan haven tucked away in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden. I love the vibe there, not only for their creative plant-based dishes, but also for their values and message too. Founders Joel and Aiste believe in 'creating food which causes the most benefit and least suffering to the inhabitants of the earth'. Good for your body, good for the planet.

Redemption - https://www.redemptionbar.co.uk/coventgarden.html

Redemption is 100% Vegan, gluten and refined-sugar free so you don’t even need to think about what you order. They’ve got a great salad bar if you’re getting food to-go and a very extensive menu of hot dishes, breakfast, sweet treats and fresh juices. Pro tip: grab one of their 'The Beat Goes On' juices for a pick me up full of vitamin c, potassium and natural antioxidants.

Redemption London Image courtesy of Redemption London

Farmacy - https://farmacylondon.com/

One of the pioneers of the premium plant-based experience in London – it’s fine dining with a difference. The Notting Hill flagship is a restaurant with great style and a strong message. They believe in food as medicine (a value at the heart of ARTAH), and promote organic and biodynamic farming methods for their produce, most of which is actually grown on their very own farm in Kent. Dining at Farmacy is a special experience and they accommodate for pretty much any and all dietary requirements – there are plenty of options for those avoiding gluten, dairy and nuts. They also have a wide selection of raw dishes. Pro tip: go for the Middle Eastern Bowl with buckwheat, kale and aubergine. Wash it down with an after-dinner Digestive Soother which increases digestive enzymes within the gut.

Deliciously Ella Deli - https://deliciouslyella.com/deli/

When it comes to plant-based food, the Deliciously Ella Deli is a classic. Set just behind Oxford Street (conveniently close to our HQ) the Deli is the dream for those following a plant-based diet or just looking for a more creative approach to lunch. From breakfast and hot-bowls to nutrient-dense smoothies and salads, this is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for a menu which is big on health and flavour. Her cashew mylk is divine and a great post workout boost if you are craving something lighter than a shake but has all the right nutrients to help recover.

Petersham Nurseries - La Goccia - https://petershamnurseries.com/dine/la-goccia/

The beautiful Covent Garden outpost of Richmond institution, Petersham Nurseries is a must-try for foodies looking for healthy options. Although not 100% vegan or gluten free, its offering for both are fantastic - from the delicious, freshly baked gluten-free bread to the squash risotto with sage (hold the parmesan if you’re avoiding dairy!).

Casa Fofohttps://www.casafofolondon.co.uk

Super cosy vibe and imaginative offering, Casa Fofo, has a delicious and super creative plant-based set menu. Based in Hackney, they use local, seasonal ingredients and play creatively with textures and flavours.


If you’re looking for something a little different and a lot more elaborative, Texture’s Michelin Starred vegan tasting menu is pretty special, and also great if you’re going with a meat-eater who wants their own tasting menu experience. I best describe the food as health-led Modern European with a Scandinavian twist. As the name suggests, everything at Texture is about the look, feel, taste and smell – from the interiors to the food.

Leggero London Image courtesy of Leggero London

Leggero https://leggero-london.com

This is more of an indulgence than a regular go-to but is it worth it the trip if you are craving some serious carbs. Leggero does simple but delicious gluten free Italian food, and is predominantly pasta. The best past is that it is all home-made, so is far superior to what you can get in the supermarkets. The pasta is always perfectly al-dente and there is no shortage of flavour. Their menu is loaded with meat and plant based options, so perfect for people on different diets. My favourite? Their Chestnut Pappardelle is to die for, but is in close second to the Vegan Stuffed Cannelloni.

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