Signature Fit

Signature Fit

→ MAY 30TH – JUNE 5TH 2022

Product Description

Our week-long signature programme is designed leave you feeling completely restored and invigorated. The energetic movement schedule is a perfect blend of strength and recovery. Led by Tom Wilson-Leonard, it pairs different styles of yoga practices like power, vinyasa and yin, with strength based workouts, hiking and meditation. The menu provides both plant and omnivore options and features organic, locally sourced produce from one of the most famous culinary regions in Europe. You will also experience restorative body treatments and periods dedicated to rest to allow your body to completely transform.

Tom is an internationally acclaimed Yoga Teacher, Level 3 Personal Trainer, and GB Level 1 Gymnastics Coach with an extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, yoga and fitness. He specialises in Power Yoga and hybrid movement practices which focus on mobility and strength, accessible to and inspired by people who want to move and feel better. Tom’s classes are physically nourishing as well as challenging. He teaches to a range of levels catering to advanced & intermediate practitioners, and separate sessions for beginners. Blending fitness with yoga to focus on muscle activation, mobility and conditioning, expect to work hard and gain knowledge and understanding about your body along the way. 


  • COSY SOLO: £2,800

  • PREMIUM SOLO: £3,250

  • PREMIUM SHARED: £2,950

  • LUXURY SOLO: £3,650

  • LUXURY SHARED: £3,150