The Omad

available from june 9th

In our spring cleanse, we’ll be pulling inspiration from our fasting forum last winter to try an OMAD. An OMAD - which stands for One Meal A Day - is a type of intermittent fast that helps with insulin load and metabolic flexibility. The purpose of an OMAD is to create a 24-hour period of fasting. While this may sound intimidating, we’ve modified the strict OMAD protocol to make it more amenable to modern life by incorporating broths, green juices, and energy tonics. We’ve also included two levels, which vary slightly in their approach. If you’ve already built a fasting tolerance and are comfortable with time-restricted eating, go for level 2. If you’re new to fasting or time-restricted eating, go for level 1. 

The programme we’ve laid out is 3 days, with the OMAD taking place on day 2. This approach is not only more effective than jumping right into a 24 hour fast, but it also makes the process more comfortable and results in a better adaptation by the body. The 3-day plan has a stepped calorie plan of 1200kcal/600kcal/1200kcal and is a great tool to use monthly throughout the summer when entertaining, socialising, and holiday indulgences can get the better of us.  

 The cleanse will be available from June 9th. To access you will need to place your order on this page where you will then receive instant access. The cleanse is free for all existing members.  



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