The Metabolic Reset

21-Day Nutrition Plan for Metabolism + Weight

Optimise blood sugar

Enhance metabolism

Boost energy + mood

Learn how food affects your body

Over 90 easy-to-follow recipes

Suitable for vegans + meat-eaters.

The Metabolic Reset is a highly effective, easy to follow 21-day plan created to help you reprogramme your metabolism for immediate and lasting results. With expert guidance, meal plans, and over 90 recipes, The Metabolic Reset is designed to balance blood sugar, improve energy, and tap into your body’s natural ability to burn fat. It takes you through our signature 4-5-4 approach, which combines time restricted eating practices with a 5-day modified keto sprint using the delicious, inspiring recipes we're known for. To take it to the next level, you can pair it with our best-selling Metabolic Fix and Cellular Hydration supplements to boost energy, improve mood and enhance results.  
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Why you need it now
- Effective, fast track plan to balance blood sugar + improve metabolism
- Helps tap into the body’s natural ability to burn fat
- Includes delicious, easy to prepare, nutritionally-designed recipes
- Designed to deliver targeted benefits for weight, mood + energy
- Helps you understand your metabolism, blood sugar + how you can stay in control of your energy + appetite
How to use it
— This is a digital product. You can access your e-book in your purchase confirmation email. Simply follow the 'download programme' link and you're ready to go. If you have any issues, please reach out to our team who will be happy to assist you:
What's inside
- Nutrition e-book with expert guidance, lifestyle recommendations
- A 21-day meal plan following Rhian’s signature metabolic formula rooted in 15 years of clinical experience
- Over 90 curated recipes designed to enhance your metabolism + balance blood sugar
- Omnivore + plant-based options
- Option to choose the Ultimate Metabolic Reset, which includes a programme-enhancing supplement bundle of our bestselling Cellular Hydration + Metabolic Fix


Our membership has been created to take the guesswork out of nutrition and help you stay inspired, supported and on track.

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★★★★★ - Gurjit D.

"After completing this programme, I found my energy levels and focus drastically improved. I felt physically lighter and my sleep improved, I took the Metabolic Fix and Cellular Hydration at the same time and continue to do so. Lots of delicious recipes which I've stuck with. Found it challenging with fast protocol initially but adjusted quickly a couple of days in to week 2."

Recipe Highlights

The Metabolic Reset provides over 90 gluten, dairy and sugar-free recipes designed to support the microbiome and improve blood sugar balance. They are rooted in the CORE and CORE+ foods from the programme, and deliver nutrient dense, plant-rich meals. With omnivore, vegan, keto, and low carb options, you'll find recipes you love to enjoy on the programme and beyond.

Eggs on toast with baby kale and sriracha

Plant Parmigiana

Broccoli rice bowl with tuna, poached egg, and Caesar dressing


Super green Thai vegetables with coconut broth

Cali-inspired harvest salad with pomegranate dressing


What results should I expect?

This programme is designed to help you balance your blood sugar and reduce body fat. Common improvements include better energy, appetite control, mood, and fat loss.

Can I still eat out?

Yes! There are guidelines in the e-book that help you understand how to navigate this.

Can I personalise the meal plan?

Yes, there are over 90 recipes to choose from. If you prefer to swap in other Artah recipes you are free to do so.

Will I experience any side effects?

This programme is designed to optimise your nutrition and metabolism to help you feel better. As you start to change how and what you eat, your blood sugar control, microbiome, and biological signalling will adapt. Some individuals will feel this more than others, and it depends on your starting point, how much sugar you currently consume, and if you follow a plant rich diet. Common side effects can include cravings, fatigue, and headaches from withdrawal, however these should be short lived. If you are concerned about potential side effects, we recommend purchasing the Ultimate Metabolic Reset, which includes supplements to help combat swings in mood, energy and appetite.

Can I still exercise?

Yes, and its recommended! You'll find workout guidelines in the programme.

What is time restricted eating?

Time restricted eating means eating within a specific timeframe and is a proven tool to help improve energy, metabolic health, gut health and more.