Deep Dive

Deep Dive

→ MAY 2ND - MAY 8TH 2022

Product Description

Deep Dive is a week-long intensive detox programme that has been designed for those in need of a more rigorous transformation. This programme combines our classic plant-based cuisine with intermittent fasting to accelerate your transformation. Movement throughout the week will be a hybrid of hiking, vinyasa yoga and some more restorative, slower practices led by Lina Jurevičiūtė. Perfect for anyone wanting to completely reset, the week is designed to help you shed unwanted pounds, clear your mind and leave you with a heightened sense of awareness. 

Lina is a Barcelona-based yoga teacher, who teaches a variety of vinyasa classes; from gentler hatha to stronger power and mandala flows, as well as restorative yin and yoga nidra practices. Lina loves to combine meditation, sound baths and cacao ceremonies into her practice for a more spiritual and immersive experience.



  • COSY SOLO: £2,800

  • PREMIUM SOLO: £3,250

  • PREMIUM SHARED: £2,950

  • LUXURY SOLO: £3,650

  • LUXURY SHARED: £3,150