Do You Really Need A Cleanse?

Do You Really Need A Cleanse?

Our liver and kidneys are the main organs of detoxification, but the full gang includes our skin, bowel, lungs, and lymphatic system.

Together, they are responsible for everything from neutralising food chemicals and environmental pollutants, to transporting and removing waste from our body. So, if we already have a built-in detox system, do we really need a cleanse? In most cases – the answer is probably yes.  

We expect our body to handle a lot; digestion, assimilation, hormone + neurotransmitter production, blood sugar regulation, warding off infections, and all the other basic metabolic functions are just the start. Then, we layer in our lifestyle stressors – coffee, alcohol, food chemicals, medications, antibiotics, environmental pollutants, stress, lack of sleep and exercise (and don’t forget pregnancy, miscarriage, and menopause) - all of which add additional labour to our already overworked detoxification team. And, to top it all off, we expect all of this to run seamlessly whilst looking and feeling our best. Unsurprisingly, this can be a little too much to ask of the body which we call home. So, whilst we don’t NEED a cleanse to survive, almost all of us can benefit from one. 

Giving the body a break from food chemicals, excess sugar, alcohol and unhealthy foods to give it time to rest, heal and recover can be just what it needs to function at its best. A cleanse doesn’t need to be crazy and actually, we far prefer food-based cleanses that incorporate mindful movement, wholesome nutrition and purposeful supplements, rather than anything that feels punishing. The body is always giving us feedback. How we feel and perform, our digestion, energy levels, mood, weight, sleep, and skin are all a reflection of our metabolic environment. So how do you know what type of cleanse is best for you? Read on to find out.  



IBS, chronic fatigue, allergies, brain fog, eczema, inflammatory acne, constant headaches, frequent illness, crazy cravings, swings in energy, difficulty losing weight, reflux, arthritis, and just feeling out of control with your health are all signs you need a big break.   

What to do: The 28-day Complete Reset  

What it entails: A 28-day holistic programme that eliminates common allergens, inflammatory foods and introduces you to time restricted eating. It comes with supplements designed to support your detoxification pathways, encourage elimination, balance blood sugar and help you shed unwanted pounds.  

Why it works: This programme comes at it from all angles. The digestive rest is great for anyone with IBS or gut related skin issues, and a full 28-day break from the common allergens helps the body rest, digest and recover. This is the best cleanse for chronic conditions that need a little bit more time to heal, and will help you identify food triggers that may be exacerbating your symptoms.  

Benefits: Glowing skin, weight loss, big improvements in IBS, more energy, and an elevated awareness of how different foods affect your body.  




If you’re feeling sluggish and tired, have fallen off the wagon or are looking to kickstart a healthy regime, then a little intervention will go a long way.  

What to do: The 7-day Reset  

What it entails: A 7-day programme that focuses on nutrient dense food and intelligent movement. With both plant based and omnivorous options, this programme is a nice way to take a break without it feeling too intense. Workout guidelines are included but if you’re already a health junkie, you’re still able to hit your regular class.  

Why it works: Sometimes all you need is a few days to get back on track, and scheduling a week to yourself to focus on phytonutrient rich foods can do you wonders. Calories scale down throughout the programme in a manageable way so that your regular routine isn’t disrupted either. 

Benefits: This is a great one to depuff, debloat and destress.  




It’s a lot easier to optimise health than treat illness, which is why we love the 5-Day Cleanse. This comprehensive programme is short but intense and leaves you reaping the benefits for long after it’s over. We love this cleanse to help you go deep and activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, so whether you want to lose weight, improve digestion, enhance your skin or benefit from the anti-aging effects of fasting, this one is for you. 

What to do: The 5-day Cleanse  

What it entails: This programme uses a fasting mimicking protocol combined with daily yoga and cleansing supplements to give you the ultimate revival. The programme itself is only 5 days but expect to prep for 3 days and wean your way out for another few days. The programme includes all the yoga sessions you’ll need to strengthen, lengthen, and tone, and has two different nutrition levels to choose from depending on your vibe. Level two brings your calories down to between 600-800 per day so you need a little more attention to rest. 

Why it works: Fasting has a host of benefits when it comes to cellular repair and regeneration, and this programme will help you turn on those vital pathways. Designed to put you into a low cortisol, low insulin, and highly reparative environment, the 5-day Cleanse will help you shed weight, clear out damaged cells, and activate cellular repair.  

Benefits: Weight loss, energy, cellular repair, glowing skin, and prevention. This is also a great one to help you maximise your potential – proactively taking care of ourselves rather than waiting for something to be broken is one of the ways that you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll look and feel your best for as long as possible.  





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