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Our mission is to create Optimal health. We offer functional supplements, targeted nutrition, inspiring seminars and empowering retreats, all designed to help you improve your ENERGY + WELLBEING and achieve results. 

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We exist to empower everyone to experience life in their best health. That’s why we use powerful vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and botanicals backed by the latest science, to help you address the root causes of imbalance. 

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G.I. Fix  G.I. Fix 

G.I. Fix 

prebiotic, probiotic + anti-inflammatory gut support

£38.00 - Add to bag
Metabolic Fix  Metabolic Fix 

Metabolic Fix 

Regulate blood sugar + cellular energy

£32.00 - Add to bag
Cellular Hydration  Cellular Hydration 

Cellular Hydration 

Energy, Recovery + Deep hydration

£32.00 - Add to bag
Deep Sleep Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep

promote sleep + relaxation

£32.00 - Add to bag
Enhanced Nootropics  Enhanced Nootropics 

Enhanced Nootropics 

Mood, neurotransmitter + stress support

£36.00 - Add to bag
Deep Detox Deep Detox

Deep Detox

Enhanced detoxification & liver support

£32.00 - Add to bag
Essential D3/K2 Essential D3/K2

Essential D3/K2

Immune health + hormone support

£26.00 - Add to bag
Stress Tonic Stress Tonic

Stress Tonic

combat stress + improve energy

£30.00 - Add to bag
Energy Fix Energy Fix

Energy Fix

STIMULATE metabolism + combat cravings

£30.00 - Add to bag
Digest + Debloat Digest + Debloat

Digest + Debloat


£32.00 - Add to bag
Essential Omegas Essential Omegas

Essential Omegas

Anti-inflammatory cardiovascular + hormone SUPPORT

£32.00 - Add to bag
Skin Clinic Skin Clinic

Skin Clinic

Pro-collagen factors + deep HYDRATION

£52.00 - Pre-Order
Cellular Defence Cellular Defence

Cellular Defence

Comprehensive antivral + antimicrobial immune support

£36.00 - Add to bag
Essential GLA Essential GLA

Essential GLA

Menstrual + hormone SUPPORT

£32.00 - Add to bag


Enhanced Detoxification + Digestive Support

£96.00 - Add to bag
Immune Essentials Immune Essentials

Immune Essentials

Enhance + PROTECT

£62.00 - Add to bag

Nutrition  Programmes

We’re passionate about food, and believe it should always be inspiring, delicious, good for you and good for the planet. Why? Because the food we eat can change our lives — it determines how we feel, and shapes the way we experience every minute of every day. Nutrition is the foundation of great health, and our programmes combine the latest in nutritional science with holistic, naturopathic principles to nourish the body and deliver results.

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TRANSFORMATIVE — Nutrition  Programmes

INSPIRING Seminars, Classes + Workshops

We believe that understanding your health is the most empowering and exciting way to optimise it, which is why we offer inspiring, interactive seminars which address some of the most common health and lifestyle topics. From our Hormone Masterclass to our Intuitive Eating Seminar, we will give you the tips and tools you need to take control of your wellbeing and support you along the way. 

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INSPIRING Seminars, Classes + Workshops
Empowering +
Restorative Retreats

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